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Advanced Market Perception

Trading In The Zone

Trading in the Zone both mentally and technically

When- June 13 2013

Time- 4:15 EST


Host- Trader Kingdom



Trading in the zone both mentally and technically. In many ways, success in life comes from being at the right place at the right time or doing the right thing at the right time. Trading is different in that traders need to learn how to find and prepare mentally for the right entry and then execute on those trades that meet pre-determined criteria.

Join Rick Vinecki for this live webcast introducing the basic aspects of market profile and reviewing the importance of trading in the zone both mentally and technically..

Battles are won when there is a plan in place versus figuring it out on the fly. Your trading career should be no different. Distractions in life can be the demise of your daily success in the markets.

During this online event, Rick will discuss the importance of keeping your head in the game. Review real market charts and keeping you focused mentally of trading in the zone, market profile zone  Understand price and volume how to respect key areas of business being conducted.

Topics to be reviewed include:

·         Head Games -things that mentally stop you

·         Market Profile basics: defining the zone

·         The importance of value

·         Having a plan and sticking with it

With 10 years of full time active trading experience, Rick Vinecki focuses on the intraday markets using specialized technical analysis techniques with an emphasis on fundamental news. Rick has become a recognized professional in auction market theory with his experience and studies keeping clients on the cutting edge of market action.

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