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Advanced Market Perception


Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond Profile:  Advanced Market Perception Educational Program


Beyond Profile is a trading education company committed to providing quality trading education, support and trading services to experienced or inexperienced individual as well as the proprietary and hedge fund trader community. The company was founded with the intent to commit ourselves to traders willing to make a disciplined commitment to success in trading.


1.   Why did you develop the Advanced Market Perception Educational Series?

One word: Frustration. When we first started our company back in 2007 under the Value Zone Trading name, we came across many individuals telling us they had paid thousands of dollars to other trader education services and it did not result in their being successful traders. Some had said it contributed to their education but not towards their bottom line. Others simply said it was a complete waste of time and money. I had many trading friends who also paid lots of money only to either quit the business or continue to struggle. Some of these programs were incredibly expensive, many over $10,000, but they came with the potential dream of success. We believe that success cannot come only in a box of CD’s and the importance of one-on-one continued support and guidance is essential to your success. The early learning curve period in any business, particularly trading, is a fragile one. In order to maintain focus and to minimize mistakes, you need an experienced professional team to guide you.  Our vision is to provide a service that does not take advantage of individuals wanting success; our vision is to embrace them.


2.   What is your personal background and experience?

Our company combines the professional trading experience in trading equities and index futures. Our team combines both trading expertise with a focus on risk management and compliance. Our role in these disciplines is to assure trade execution compliance and regularly performing financial and compliance audits to assure a level of transparency and ethics not available within the trader education space.

3. Is your program designed for traders with no experience?

Our courses are designed for individuals who have no prior trading experience as well as those that are experienced professionals looking to improve their success metrics as well as reduce bad habits. The best teaching sessions occur when there is a mix of experienced and new traders present in the same sessions. Both skill levels may have different approaches to our teaching but ultimately have a common element of success goals.


4.   Why use a Beyond Profile as a trading education company or coach?

Great question! The biggest problem we confront with traders seeking assistance is that they want success to come instantly. What needs to be done is to gather a set of parameters in place that allow them to stop losing money first. Only after we can build a foundation of knowledge and discipline to maintain trading capital, then we can move towards the next step of profitability. The key component to this business is not seeking profits, it is the understanding and implementation of proven risk strategies that provide a wining trade edge and to execute them consistently when that edge presents itself in the market. That edge does not exist without proper risk management. Of course we are experts in trading as well and trade for our own accounts each business day.

5.   If you are so successful as a trader, why give up trading and teach?

This is the most frequent question we receive. Simply put, we still do actively trade our individual accounts every day in our live trading room. The strategies are consistent and powerful and we always continue to implement and test new methodologies that provide an edge in the marketplace. There is however isolation effect that can occur when trading and cannot provide the benefit and satisfaction of seeing students become successful and enriching their lives. We also love to teach. Meeting and helping other traders bring their game to the next level provides a satisfaction that just cannot be replicated by trading the markets. We are truly grateful with the ability to pay it forward to individual traders or those seeking success in this profession.


6.   I’ve tried other services and it just didn’t work. How is Beyond Profile’s Advanced Market Perception approach different?

First, we feel your pain and frustration. We truly believe that the one-on-one coaching and support session components during the trader’s development stage is essential to being successful. Most trading services are geared towards mass marketing efforts. Since there is mostly a fixed cost component (CD’s, books, etc.), the more people who buy or join, the better they do.  On the other hand, our business model is more a challenge for us, not you, since we have limited capacity to maintain that one-on-one service that is required using certified risk and trading professionals. This applies to our in-house boot camp programs as well as our online programs where we assist traders with our online support sessions.


7.  How much time will it realistically take me to learn how to trade profitably?

The speed of your learning curve is determined by several factors: your personal commitment and level of desire to succeed, your speed at which you master the knowledge, discipline, and risk management principles, the amount of time actually practicing live trading and your ability to follow a plan. There are also psychological barriers that we include in your development that may be more challenging than others. If there was the one factor that separated the successful and ones that had a prolonged learning curve, it was the person’s dedication to learning the business and the knowledge required to be successful as well as completing the steps in the program. Historically, those who opt for personal coaching or follow the markets on a daily basis also tend to have quicker learning curves.


9. Can I do this on my own?

If anyone has an unprecedented will to succeed, they will be successful at anything. In this business, there are so many obstacles to overcome: knowledge, market psychology, trader psychology, learning curve, and of course, money management and discipline. With published statistics showing 90% of all traders lose their accounts or quit after six months, we believe having a support team to work with you increases the odds dramatically in your favor. One strategy we may suggest is to try to master the markets on your own and see the results. If you are profitable, consistently profitable, over a series of six-months, you may be that special person for which this profession was designed.


10. How much experience do I need to have before I get started?

You do not need trading experience to be successful. In fact, most of our educational work is deprogramming some of the bad habits of experienced traders. It will help to reduce the learning curve if you have some knowledge of the economy or the stock market. Basic computer knowledge is also a plus and enables us to focus more on profitability rather than business setup tasks. The most challenging are the ones who require focus in the areas of discipline and risk management. The ones who come forward with no premonitions and the focus on learning the right way generally are the ones who have a quicker learning curve.



11. What should I consider when seeking a trading coach?

There are a lot of services out there. Here are the characteristics that you should inquire when selecting one.


  1. Provides individual attention.
  2. Well versed and experienced in trading futures.
  3. Ability to evaluate what type of trader you are and fit a plan that capitalizes on your strengths.
  4. Provides analytical thinking and can perform data assessments to detect areas of opportunities in your trading.
  5. Ability to identify psychological capital deficiencies and have a plan to control or manage them.
  6. They should have a passion for this business, not their business.
  7. Ability to speak with clarity and transparency.
  8. Fee structure should not be exorbitant and reasonably reflect the value provided.
  9. Focus on your development and not just providing trades.
  10. Should be a person of integrity and conduct their training as a partner in your success.

The initial complementary consultation service we provide is a great opportunity to determine if we are the right fit for you.


12. I already work during the daytime hours. Can I still trade?

Most vendors out there respond by saying you can trade the overnight futures markets. At the close of each trading day, Beyond Profile’s trading team reviews the opportunities that meet the strict trading plan guidelines of the company and will execute such trades. If you are able to accommodate the pre-market hours of 5am-8am New York time, there generally will be sufficient trade activity. The forex markets are another option since they trade 24 hours. If you currently work full time during normal market hours, please contact us so we can discuss the many opportunities available for trading outside of the regular market sessions.


13. How much money can I make trading?

In reality, a big factor is the size of your capital account. It would not be prudent for me to say that a $5,000 account trader has the same income potential as a $100k trader. All who go through our programs will start out in simulation and once profitable in simulated money, they can take the next step to trading at the minimum level. Setting small attainable goals in the beginning will help develop a confidence in this business which is essential for success. The real answer to your question is the opportunity that exists when you graduate to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th level and beyond. Your opportunity to be successful as a professional trader really comes about at these level. The best part is that you are implementing the same strategies in the same fashion as the trader at the minimum level. This graduation method is the key to your growth as a trader and making the money you set out to attain in your plan.


14. Will you tell me when to buy and sell?

The foundation of our educational products and coaching programs are designed to teach you how to fish, not give you fish. Our live trading room is available for those seeking trading guidance and can watch our team trade live.  If you would like to join us in our live trading room, please reach out to us to see for yourself how we trade.


15. How much do I need in my trading account to start trading?

We recommend a starting trading capital account of $10-15k however we cater specifically to smaller accounts which can grow quite nicely on a percentage basis with proper discipline and risk management accounts


16. Are there other opportunities to earn income with your company?

Yes.Beyond Profile is always seeking marketing, business development and web-based affiliates to partner in our company’s growth.  You can learn more about these opportunities by clicking on the opportunities below:

Join our Affiliate Program 

17. What would I need to do to obtain more information?

We consider our ethical standard and level of transparency as our key value propositions. We encourage you to navigate through our site and learn more about our educational programs and coaching philosophy. We hope you notice the difference in our approach to success. Afterwards, I recommend you complete the initial consultation questionnaire form attached here and return it to us at: There is no charge for this service and allows you to have an initial meeting with one of our trading and risk specialists to discuss your current trading questions and to get to know us a bit better.

Download the questionnaires here. 

18. Do you have an educational session to help me with any questions I might have?

Yes. We regularly schedule webinars or general chat events online.  These events will be listed on our Twitter and Facebook pages. We encourage you to follow us on these social networks where we also post our latest position on the markets, trade opportunities and educational videos. In addition, we invite you to join us in our trading room during regular U.S. market hours to learn how we trade in a live environment. We believe these venues are a great opportunity for us to connect with the trading community and experience the current challenges of today’s trader.