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Ninja Trader Indicators

Advanced Market Perception

BPG Indicator Suite

The BPG Ninja Trader Indicator Suite is made up of 4 indicators that identify value in the market. Each aspect of the indicators helps in your decision process of trade setups that form. The basis behind all market movement is supply and demand driven. This tool, when used properly, will take the guess work out of questionable areas of trade. The profile indicators overlay existing candlestick charts, making it simple, clean and easy to read the market value.

bpg2#1 BPG Map: contains all the settings to create intraday value areas and profile histograms. Plot the developing areas for today and yesterday,. See if value is increasing or decreasing. The initial balance shows the auctioning of the first 1 hour range of any market. New enhancements have been recently made in projecting price extension levels that act as potential targets. This feature takes the guess work out of where the market is heading. Total focus and control all from one chart. Composite days, weeks and even months into vertical profiles based off either the right or left side of your chart. ( latest enhancement available only in Ninja at this time)





#2 BPG POC (point of control): high volume nodes are plotted both prior and present, in any time frame. Extends any untouched POCs into the next session.





BP BOX#3 BPG BOX: The Box gives an x-ray of current supply and demand in the market. This tool aids in the decision process of going long or short at key reference areas.









delta#4 BPG Delta: We call this our “basic” footprint histogram. Easy visual recognition using a color scheme which intensifies with responsiveness of buyers and sellers at any key reference area.









ADD-ONS – BPG S/D notifier – NInja Platform only

BPG Notifier – This tool works for you. It identifies real time supply and demand while notifying you of potential buy or sell signals. Scan multiple markets behind the scenes using your dashboard.