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Mind reading Supply & Demand within a Candlestick

Advanced Market Perception

Japanese candle stick charting is centuries old and was used to forecast price behavior. Emotions of the traders are being visualized in time increment bars that show the fear and greed of a particular instrument being traded.

  • This online class will teach you to read the candles from an emotional gauge of fear and greed.
  • Learn how supply and demand affect the outcome of the candle structure
  • Learn why and what to look for at the top and bottom
  • Learn to speak the candle language and not just the pattern.
  • Trade price and learn how structure building of the markets is important.
  • Use what you already know about candles to a new level by reading the psychology of traders

Recognizing a pattern is not enough in itself – understand why it was created and how supply and demand is involved.


Reading Supply & Demand from a candlestick.