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Trading Plan Creation and Management Review Program

Advanced Market Perception

Course includes an intensive educational video module and course guide designed to provide all the tools required to create an effective, personalized, compliant and executable trading plan.  After course completion, the Risk Management team at Beyond Profile will provide individualized and guided review consultation to assure all elements of the plan meet the strict compliance standards required for success. The consultations are informal but structured with an agenda sent one day prior to each session.


Highlighted Features

The program includes:

  • Online training that allows you to create an effective trading plan;  the key framework to your trading success.
  • Course guide and workbook containing sample plans and step by step guidance to assist in building your plan.
  • Two one-one one consultation sessions with a certified risk professional to assure you meet the company’s strict plan compliance standards.
  • One month complementary access to the Beyond Profile trading room.
  • Copy of ‘Trading with Confluence’, by Michael Toma, CRM


Trading Plan Creation and Management Review Program