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BPG LIVE Bootcamp

Advanced Market Perception

BPG – LIVE Bootcamp – Where careers are transformed

As part of your course you will receive the following:

  • •Five days of training, including three days of real time trading and analysis.
  • •Detailed course book, with worksheets,to continue your development at home.
  • •Pre and Post market worksheets
  • •One month access with Rick Vinecki to review material, ask questions and discuss trade strategy & tactics.
  • •One month free in the Beyond Profile Trading room
  • •Annual discount on the BPG Indicator package – a $200 value
  • •Retake of Boot Camp for 50% discount.
  • Online training that allows you to create an effective trading plan;  the key framework to your trading success.
  • Course guide and workbook containing sample plans and step by step guidance to assist in building your plan.
  • Two one-one one consultation sessions with a certified risk professional to assure you meet the company’s strict plan compliance standards.
  • One month complementary access to the Beyond Profile trading room.
  • Copy of ‘Trading with Confluence’, by Michael Toma, CRM

By the end of the course you should be able to accomplish the following:

•Analyze any market in all time frames through the use of the BPG Indicator suite
•Use market internals to determine the health of the markets.
•Develop a strategy for the markets you trade
•Execute with precision.
•Evaluate good risk to reward trades.
•Practice good money management principles
•Learn to pass on trades.
•Trade in multiple time frames using the top down approach.
•Learn how to control your own psychology and behavior.



BPG-Live Bootcamp


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