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Advanced Market Perception

The Week Ahead : July 15-19

Economic news takes somewhat a co-driver seat with earnings season kicking into full gear. Monday we start with Retail sales pre-market, CPI on Tues, Beige book on Wednesday and Jobless claims on the traditional Thursday release. Mid-week we pause to hear Uncle Ben provide his semi-annual testimony which can be quite impactful given the most recent ‘is he or isn’t […]

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Q.O.D July 12

Q: What are some of the choices I have to trade gold? It’s been volatile of late and want to explore the opportunities there. I mostly trade currencies now but want to explore other trading opportunities when the currencies aren’t active.            A: For sure gold is an interesting instrument to trade. It provides the volatility needed to create […]

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The Week Ahead: July 8-12

Attached below is the economic calendar for the upcoming week.  Customarily a dull economic reporting week after the employment number however we focus this week on the start of earnings season. Alcoa (AA) starts the fun on Monday after the bell.  Other payables include YUM Brands (Wednesday) and Wells Fargo (WFG) who gives us our first taste of bank earnings on Friday.  Check back often to […]

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Q.O.D July 5

 Q:  I think the market is way overvalued and think it is going to continue down. I trade the SPY ETF and sometimes the QQQ. I took a hit last month but still confident the market will correct. Should I switch to options instead so I don’t have to put as much money at risk?   A:  I’ll try to […]

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Economic Calendar: Week of July 1st

This week should be a bit crazy or at minimum confusing for the U.S. – based traders.  U.S. markets have an early closing on Wednesday July 3rd and closed on July 4th for a national holiday and should contribute to lower volume on each end of the holiday. Traders have historically headed for the beach when a Friday is sandwiched […]

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Q.O.D June 28

Question:  I try to keep good money management on my trades and think I do a good job with it. I also have profit goals for the day and quit when I hit them. It seems that I miss a lot of winning trades after I do stop trading. Isn’t this that one good time to break my rule?   […]

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Weekly Review of ES

The beginning of this week felt more like the sell in May and go away factor than last week of June. The market came down to significant area of support and actually found buyers looking for value in the 1550-1540 area. It’s not a surprise that we have bounced from undervalued conditions. The calendar is showing us that it is […]

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Economic Calendar – Week of June 24

As we get into the heat of summer trading, we continue our Monday morning tradition of looking at the economic calendar this week: A typical week of news reports with a relatively quiet news day on Monday followed by new homes sales, GDP, jobless claims and consumer sentiment each weekday respectively starting on Tuesday through the end of the week. […]

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Q.O.D- June 21, 2013

Q. I have heard many different ways regarding when to make the change to futures contracts during ‘rollover’. The more variations I hear about comparing volume, the more confused I get. Is there a specific day that Wall Street starts using the new contracts? Also, does it really matter in the end which day or time I choose?   A. An interesting […]

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Fed Day June

All eyes on the FOMC and do we or do we not have a tapering of QE? This market has become the market of parsing words from everything the FED speaks. I’m writing this as the market closes at the lows after what seemed like some clarity from the fed that they MAY start to taper later this year depending […]

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