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Advanced Market Perception

The Week Ahead: 19-23

This coming week is highlighted by FOMC minutes on Wednesday which includes a band of economists and financial television people searching for the ‘t’ word (tapering) and any reference to such action or inaction. Other than this, we only have Thursday’s jobless claims and Friday’s new home sales. The focus this week is the struggle to determine if these past few week […]

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Q.O.D AUG 9th

I found your commentary in the trading room regarding market internals very interesting. Would you say that Market Profile gives you the ‘where’ and market internals gives you the ‘when’ on a trade? We receive many suggestions for our QOD’s but the best ones are those that require us to take a step back and ponder the answer. This is […]

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Strategies: For big trend moves

In Monday’s post, we advised using  strategies that take advantage of range movements rather than going for big trend moves. While market profile is perfectly suited for these types of markets, most range indicators will do fine in conjunction with the auction process. Looking at the attached chart, we see that the initial balance range trade worked quite well with price […]

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Week Ahead Aug 5-Aug 9

As we continue to breach new highs into air, we find a quiet news event summer-trading week lies ahead. Earnings season is also coming towards a close. Both scenarios provide additional edge for reversion-to-the mean traders including market profile. We seek to get more algo-like in our trading and just trade the value ranges. Of course, anything can happen so we […]

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Q.O.D August 2

Q: I was taught to ‘anchor’ my trades but following the overall trend using a higher timeframe chart. I use a 5-min chart using a 60-min. anchor). Do you have any experience using such a strategy? It seems to work on paper but in the end I’m not sure if it hurts me or helps me?   A: Great question. […]

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The Week Ahead: Outlook: July 29-Aug 2

This week we are blessed or perhaps cursed with a stream of economic reports. Right out of the gate we have Pending Home Sales on Monday. Tuesday continues with Consumer Confidence and Case-Schiller Home Prices, which can be a market mover pre-market and set the tone for the regular session. Wednesday we go into FOMC mode and plan our trading […]

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Q.O.D July 26

Q: Can I trade a different equity index future contract such as the Dow (YM) instead of the ES even though the room is focused on the ES?   A: Simply put, yes you can and I encourage you to try each and other sister futures contracts in simulation until you find the one with the right fit. Although they […]

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Weekly Outlook : July 22-26

This focus this week continues to be earnings announcements in the midst of all-time highs. Continue to be vigilant with holding any exposure after the bell since these reports can really move markets. Case in point last week when the IBM announcement resulting in a 50-point Dow drop in the initial seconds only to rebound +100 points in the moments […]

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QOD July 19th

Q:  I just opened my first forex account and I’m starting out with a small account during the learning phase. Any advice on which forex pair I should test my strategies with?   A:  Great question in that you are implying a risk-based plan during your learning period. Always like to see that. You want a strategy that will give […]

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Trading Bernanke Testimony Days

 Traders tend to believe that as traders, they must trade. That’s how we make our living of course. But professionals know when to respect obstacles that can get in their way; or in trader talk: reduce trade edge. Trading on Fed Reserve testimony days or similar such as Beige book, Fed minute releases and the like often creates additional challenges […]

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