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Trade Room Comparative Testimony

Advanced Market Perception

2-22-2013 4-13-38 PM
I have direct experience as an online guest trader in 48 live rooms spanning the last 2 years. In each room I analyze 100-500 trades in real time and apply computational statistics to measure selected qualities of performance. Like you, I expect: clearly delineated trade (entry, tgt, stop, number of contracts), a consistent and superior P/L and accurate performance records.

I executed 135 (and counting) NQ/ES trades called in the Beyond Profile (light colored bars), complied those results with the past 14 months of trade records, to produce the cumulative graph. Based on my calculations and comparative trade room experience, Rick Vinecki is one of the single most accomplished and consistently successful traders of all that I have directly viewed. Posted performance summaries are precise and accurate. Trade entries are specific and clearly defined, overall P/L is consistent; R2 of 99.05 implies near perfect goodness of fit between linear regression line and monthly performance data (i.e. true trade reliability and dependability). Mr. Vinecki shows a command of market dynamics, is an excellent mentor and trades the entire day in a professional manner, devoid of marketing pitches, infomercials and snap specials. And you know the drill: past results do not indicate future results.

Dean Handley: PhD, MBA, JD.

Disclaimer: Beyond Profile, its employees or its affiliates were not aware of, did not contribute to, nor approve of this study or its imprimatur. Dr. Handley did not receive any 3rd party compensation to conduct this study nor has Dr. Handley received any formal training from Beyond Profile. All information obtained from Beyond was auto-didactic; Dr. Handley assumes all responsibility for any errors in this study (