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Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2013’

End of Month

Last week Wednesday we had one of the biggest swings in the markets 39.75 points exceeding even the the 4/15  Boston Bombing day. The fed language was highly scrutinized as to whether there would be a slowing of QE. The markets hung on every word that spewed out of Ben’s mouth as he testified before Congress. Volatility days create lots […]

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The Most Important Trading Metric: Compliance

  For the risk-based trader, compliance — not profits and losses — is the most important metric to track. Compliance simply asks the question, “Have I followed my rules on this trade?” For example, measuring trade-execution compliance will identify the gap between planned trade execution and actual trade execution. In other words, answer the question of whether the trade should […]

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SPX 1651 all time highs

5-15-2013 – SPX makes new historic highs yesterday  -1651 So where do we go from here? How do we trade new highs? What can we expect? We all know the market auctions back and forth to find and build value. The expectation after a big move up or down would be to see if that level can sustain the move […]

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$TICK Launching Pad

You don’t need any trading expert these days to tell you that the bull run is in full force. Many a long trade that looks weak is often ‘saved’ when the surge of relentless buyers step in. We continue to use the $TICK chart to provide great trade entries and to keep us patient waiting for price to come to us.  […]

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WLT- Walter Energy

May 8 2013 Doing some afternoon scanning, looking for things that may have some good risk reward, I came across WLT. Noticing that the coal sector in general may have a turn coming here soon. Today’s action in WLT has proven that the exhaustion volume on May 2 was real and the bulls are ready to rumble. You’ll notice on the chart […]

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